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Berkshire Bank re-imagines digital account opening with Narmi


Decrease in application approval time


Reduction in fraudulent accounts

University Federal Credit Union delivers industry-leading account opening experience to membership base


Application completion rate


Lift in completed applications

Narmi delivers a frictionless digital banking platform to NCFCU


Application completion rate


Reduction in support contact

Featured Customer Profile: Arrowhead Credit Union

Arrowhead Credit Union Transforms Account Opening Experience for Members and Staff with Narmi

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Average account opening completion rate

81 days

Implementation timeline

The impact of Narmi... is huge. It’s allowing us to do other things by freeing up the Call Center and the entire team. Our team has seen so much work reduction."

Andrea Kokkinias

Manager, Account Administration

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Customer Stories

Their Story

FCFCU is a CU that is incredibly focused on member experience. They went live with Narmi in 2023, and one of the first things they wanted to do was raise their app store rating, as it was sitting at 2.9 (Apple) and 3.4 (Google Play). With Narmi they were able to raise their app store rating to 4.5 (Apple) and 4.3 (Google).


Asset Size: $890M
Location: Fairhaven, MA
Products: CAO, CDB, BDB

The Problem

FCFCU wanted to improve their mobile app store rating (initially was 2.9 on Apple App Store and 3.4 on the Google Play Store).

The Business Impact

In just 8 months after going live with Narmi, FCFCU was able to take advantage of a mobile-first design and seamless digital experience improving their app store rating to 4.5 (Apple) and 4.3 (Google Play).

Their Story

UFCU is the first Narmi customer to adopt NeuroID. They use Crowd Alert to generate notifications when applications begin occurring at high volume. This allows them to be more proactive and less reactive to potential incidents.

“There were 33 applications that were declined outright on Sunday when otherwise it would have gone to Review or Accepted. This addresses Synthetic fraud which is difficult to track.”
- Russell Shugart

About UFCU

Asset Size: $4.5B
Location: Austin, TX
Products: Consumer Digital Banking

The Problem

UFCU was experiencing fraudulent applications that were moving to “review” or “approved” status. These applications required constant manual review, causing their staff to be bogged down.

The Business Impact

After onboarding onto NeuroID via Narmi, UFCU experienced improved application flagging, and was able to better rely on the categorizations to applications.

Their Story

TwinStar tailors Narmi's monthly release notes to their users, customizing them and highlighting key updates. These updates are then shared on the Support Center page within their digital banking platform, fostering continuous communication between the bank and its customers.

About TwinStar

Asset Size: $2B
Location: Lacey, WA
Products: Consumer Digital Banking, Business Digital Banking, Narmi Analytics

The Problem

Before Narmi, TwinStar faced challenges in effectively communicating updates to digital banking users, risking confusion and missed engagement opportunities.

The Business Impact

Narmi enables TwinStar to efficiently communicate updates, enhancing user experience and fostering trust, leading to increased satisfaction and retention.

Their Story

GAFCU wanted to offer CDs in the CAO platform, but didn’t want to have to manually send CD receipts every time an account was opened. This labor-intensive method hindered scalability and inhibited staff from capitalizing on a channel crucial for deposit growth. Narmi's platform customizations provided a solution: automated delivery of personalized CD receipts to each account holder via email.


Asset Size: $300M
Location: Paramus, NJ
Products: Consumer Digital Banking, Digital Account Opening

The Problem

GAFCU encountered difficulties in boosting deposits and promoting additional product offerings, particularly with their CD accounts. They sought a digital channel solution to effectively cross-sell their CD products.

The Business Impact

Narmi's solution enabled GAFCU to significantly reduce manual efforts spent on tracking and sending CD receipts, streamlining operations and improving efficiency.

Their Story

Grasshopper seamlessly integrated their third-party customer success tool, Zendesk, into the Narmi platform by leveraging platform customizations. This strategic move translated into a remarkable time-saving solution, liberating their support team from spending over 30 hours each week on manual tasks.

About Grasshopper

Asset Size: $620MM
Location: New York, NY
Products: Busiess Digital Banking

The Problem

Grasshopper recognized the need to optimize their workflow by automating the connection between Zendesk and the Narmi messaging platform. This desire stemmed from a commitment to enhance operational efficiency and streamline processes.

The Business Impact

Through this innovative integration, Grasshopper achieved unprecedented efficiency gains. By reclaiming over 30 hours of valuable time weekly, their support team can now redirect their focus towards high-impact initiatives and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

In their own words

The successful implementation in such a short time frame is a testament to the dedication and expertise of our team and our partners at Narmi."

Narmi has been paramount to helping Berkshire re-imagine what we can accomplish. Narmi’s digital-first and innovative account opening experience has positioned us well for organic growth while delivering a best-in-class customer and staff experience."

It isn’t just Arrowhead, it isn’t just Narmi – it’s a true partnership. You’re not a vendor, you’re a vendor partner. We quite frankly felt like your only client.”

Narmi provides an intuitive portal for the customer service team which allows Grasshopper, formerly LendingClub,  to provide world-class service to our customers. Having the right tools that are easy and efficient makes all the difference when a customer needs help."

We chose Narmi because... they challenge us to give our members the most modern digital banking experience, and Narmi’s digital account opening and digital and mobile banking platforms have changed the way our members bank."

Jill Castilla

CEO & President

Sean Gray

COO & President

Theresa Hainsworth

VP, Operations

Christina Shortall

Director of Client Services

Glenn Guinto

CEO & President

Real results


Average initial deposit *

55 NPS

Versus industry average of 33


Customer success team satisfaction score


Average app store rating


Pull-through rate **

* Includes average deposit amount for Narmi's Consumer and Business Account Opening customers
** Average across Narmi's Consumer Account Opening customers

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