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Narmi delivers a frictionless digital banking platform to NCFCU

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Credit Union
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Narmi helped New Cumberland FCU launch an omni-channel, unified user experience across digital account opening, mobile banking, and online banking. With a deep integration into Symitar Episys and a leading user experience, Narmi helped ensure NCFCU is set up for years of digital-led growth. Further, Narmi delivered the digital scale of a much larger financial institution thus empowering NCFCU to effectively compete with larger mega-banks and regional financial institutions.

"NCFCU is proud to partner with Narmi on a new digital platform which provides a completely seamless experience to our membership base across account opening, mobile banking, and online banking. Just as important, it provides us the flexibility to add new products and services in the future to remain a forward-thinking institution."
Don Varner

Narmi makes New Cumberland Federal a better Credit Union

Here's how.


Take the stress out of support with an intuitive user interface

New Cumberland FCU was experiencing high call center volume, user friction, and stability issues with its previous digital banking platform.


To cater to a more digital-centric base, New Cumberland FCU turned to Narmi to deliver an omni-channel mobile and online banking platform to its members. The new platform added numerous features, offered an improved user interface, and improved back-office processes. All of these features combined together resulted in a significant reduction in member complaints and call center inquiries.


1. Self-service tools reduced call center support by 41%

2. Secure messaging allowed NCFCU to safely move member interactions from phone to digital channels

3. Reduced the overall time to respond by 62%


Make account opening available to anyone, anywhere, anytime

New Cumberland FCU lacked the ability to open accounts digitally for their membership base. This resulted in potential new members having to drive to a branch simply to open an account. This was not scalable or cost effective.


Narmi implemented an industry-leading 2-minute and 13-second account opening experience which provided New Cumberland FCU the ability to scale across multiple geographies without relying on a branch presence. The digital-led growth was also welcomed during the COVID-19 pandemic when the majority of traffic shifted to digital channels.


1. As high as a 93% completion rate for started applications (compared to an industry average of ~30%

2. 100% guaranteed funding of the account at time of opening

3. Over a 100% spike in digital applications throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

Reduction in support contact
Application completion rate
Reduction in support response time
Funding for new accounts

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