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University Federal Credit Union delivers industry-leading account opening experience to membership base

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University Federal Credit Union (UFCU) was founded in 1936 to serve faculty and staff of The University of Texas at Austin. Over the past 75 years, UFCU has expanded into multiple universities, membership segments, and geographic areas – all in the effort to serve the great Texas community. 

To enter their next phase of digital-led growth, UFCU needed a digital account opening platform that allowed them to scale across a wide university base, open accounts quickly for students, and maximize their investment in existing membership segments. 

In four months, Narmi delivered a digital account opening platform that brought application completion rates to an industry-leading 83%, fully integrated with UFCU’s core banking system (Jack Henry Symitar), and allowed UFCU to effectively scale across all membership segments in a trackable manner. Equally as important, Narmi provided confidence to UFCU in the identity verification decisioning process, allowing UFCU to open more good accounts and keep away bad actors.

Jack Henry Symitar

Narmi makes University Federal a better Credit Union

Here's how.


Get ahead of abandonment rates with a better user interface to boost growth

UFCU was experiencing high abandonment rates leading to poor and inefficient growth. Marketing spend was not effectively realized and new accounts were not being onboarded to the fullest extent. This was largely due to a poor user experience that had not kept up with the needs of a digital-first audience. Prior to implementing Narmi, UFCU’s completion rate for an application was 38%. Sadly, this was ahead of the industry average but clearly not where UFCU needed to be in order to succeed.


Narmi implemented a 2-minute and 13-second digital account opening experience that delivered 83% completion rates for started applications. By optimizing for user experience, UFCU was able to reap the growth benefits of a next generation digital account opening program.


1. 83% completion rate for started applications (4x the industry average and 2.2x UFCU’s previous platform).

2. Industry-leading 2-minute, 13-second start to finish account opening experience.

3. 4-month implementation period allowing UFCU to quickly begin realizing the benefits of a better account opening experience.


Create a workflow for safe and confident digital growth

An inflexible identity decisioning process hindered UFCU’s ability to grow confidently through digital channels. The number of fraudulent accounts were higher than desired and further, UFCU did not have a way to seamlessly auto-approve, manually review, and auto-deny applicants. This resulted in a large amount of overhead to accomplish a task that should be automated.


Narmi’s integrated identity decisioning engine provided UFCU the flexibility to create a custom workflow designer for UFCU’s applicant pool which includes students, faculty, and a wide variety of other applicants.


1. Complete control over the identity decisioning engine including version control, A/B testing, manual review tracking, and fraud pattern recognition.

2. Confidence avoiding false positives due to the lack of credit history, something particularly important for students.

3. Automated decisioning to open more good accounts and keep away the bad.

Application completion rate
4 month
Implementation period
2 minute 13 second
Application completion experience
Lift in completed applications

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