Engage Users Digitally to Drive Key Business Outcomes

Deliver a digital banking experience that puts the user first while also positioning your financial institution for long-term success.

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Narmi delivers a unique and seamless user experience to delight your users, while offering the depth of functionality required to be competitive in today's banking industry


A User Experience That Delights and Impresses

User experience is the most important aspect of a mobile and online banking platform. Financial institutions must offer easy-to-use solutions, or risk losing users to better designed, and better performing, digitally-minded financial institutions. Narmi’s Platform is designed to make even the most advanced banking functionality as intuitive as possible.

Narmi’s Mobile Feed acts as the hub of your users’ mobile banking experience, displaying key features in an elegant, intuitive interface.

FinTech Integrations

Display new Secure Messages

Display Check Deposit History

Spending Analysis

Bill Payments

shots from mobile banking dashboard showing personal financial management and special offers

Why did $1.4bn branchless Radius Bank choose Narmi?

Download the case study here:

Radius Bank Case Study
Phil Peters

"Radius sought a partner to develop our consumer online and mobile banking platforms that put the customer experience at the forefront. Narmi has delivered at every turn; from conception through initial deployment and beyond by adding new features and continuing to make improvements."

Phil Peters
EVP/Chief Operating Officer & Head of Institutional Banking, Radius Bank

Help Users Understand Their Financial Story

automatic savings

Automatic Savings

Americans are not saving enough. According to a report by the Federal Reserve, nearly 40% of U.S. adults would not be able to cover a $400 expense with cash, or a cash equivalent if they needed to today. With the Narmi platform’s Automatic Savings functionality, financial institutions can empower their users to save more with ease, and live healthier, happier lives where they’re better prepared to meet unexpected challenges.

Source: Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2018

  1. Choose which account automatic savings pulls from
  2. Select the % of deposits to save automatically
  3. See history of automatic savings in mobile and online banking
  4. Access savings for emergency expenses, or a dream vacation

ACH. Wires. Internal Transfers.
Immediate Availability.

No matter the method or risk-level of money movement, Narmi delivers a seamless experience coupled with advanced fraud rules that help financial institutions move money safely and confidentially. Financial institutions move millions of dollars with Narmi every day.

transfers in online banking
Victor Derrick

"We needed a digital banking partner that would differentiate us from other banks, credit unions and FinTech companies. Narmi not only delivered on that goal, but also will continue to do so over the next many years."

Victor Derrick
SVP/Chief Operating Officer, Freedom Credit Union

And so much more...

Favorite & Nickname Accounts
Credit / Debit ACH
a to b
Credit / Debit Wires
Bill Pay
Alerts & Notifications
Secure Messaging
graph increase
Personal Financial Management
plus sign
Open New Sub-Accounts
hand and people
Targeted Marketing Offers
debit card
Card Controls
Transaction Cleansing
Self-Service Tools
Multi-Factor Authentication
Remote Deposit Capture

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