Narmi Segmentation

Make the user the center of attention

Classify your users into limitless segments to create personalized experiences that drive engagement and revenue growth.
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Take control of the user experience

Deliver unique and individual banking experiences to your users by recognizing their differences, all while driving deposit growth.

Drive deposit growth

Maximize core deposits by segmenting users based on risk level. Expand transfer and deposit limits as users’ finances grow, resulting in faster revenue growth and peace of mind that your institution will continue to scale safely.
  • Daily and monthly ACH credit and debit limits
  • Control user log-in and only grant access to approved users
  • Set wire and remote deposit limits

Power user retention

Drive significant increases in user engagement and loyalty. Create personalized, daily digital banking experiences for users that not only reduce possible friction in banking, but also surprise, delight and reward customers, ultimately leading to a significant impact on profit.
  • Personalized AppXchange integrations
  • Reward customers by increasing their daily limits
  • Targeted offers through FinTech Suite

Reduce support overhead

Reduce support calls, resolution times, and additional costs. Categorize your users into segments with designated transfer, deposit and withdrawal limits, and features. This will ensure that high net worth users can manage their money with ease, without needing to contact customer service.
  • 40+ feature offerings
  • Effectively apply segmentation criteria to third party integrations
  • Feature functionalities such as ACH, Wires, RDC, Bill Pay, Card Controls, Transfers, Automatic Savings and more

What does personalization in banking really mean?

No two users are the same. At the core, creating a personalized banking experience should be about anticipating a user's needs and finding solutions that work for an individual, up to multiple times a day.
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Embracing gamification to drive engagement

LendingClub leverages segmentation to gamify the digital banking experience for users, notifying them of upgrades and offering rewards once users reach certain levels. Check out the link below to see some of the "segments" that LendingClub puts users in.
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