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Unlock your digital data’s full potential

Wildly smart analytics in a beautifully simple platform
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Your data completely in your hands

Create personalized reports & dashboards that help teams across your financial institution get the answers they need, and easily share insights with big impact.

Break down data silos with enterprise-wide insights

Say goodbye to canned reports and static dashboards. Get full access into your digital banking data.  Enable teams across your institution to build as many custom dashboards and reports to quickly find answers to their business questions.
  • Unlimited dashboard creation
  • SFTP generation
  • Email delivery of reports as frequent as hourly

Your unified source of digital data truth - all in one place.

Easy access, always. Narmi Analytics is built within the Admin Portal to make business intelligence a part of your teams workflows.

All within the Admin Portal

We’ve embedded business intelligence close to where the questions are being asked. No more switching in and out of disparate systems. We’ve made it easy for everyone to easily access.

Give easy access to the right team members

We’ve built a “teams” feature where you have the control and flexibility to give access and assign specific permissions to team members across the organization. Assign them view only or editor permission to create their own dashboards. You have full control to securely democratize the data.

Reclaim control over your data with business intelligence

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