Introducing Narmi Analytics powered by Sisense

Aug 23, 2021
Audrey Song
Product Specialist

As a technology company committed to modernizing US financial institutions, we’re constantly looking for ways to add value to our products and address the needs of our customers. Today we’re excited to introduce a new feature designed to give our customers a greater competitive advantage and make better informed decisions: Narmi Analytics powered by Sisense.

Many financial institutions have access to some basic analytics, but extracting actionable insights from that data is often time-consuming and challenging for non-technical teams. Beyond simply assessing which products are most popular, many data analysis solutions that exist for banks and credit unions can’t drill down into this data to expose helpful insights. 

Narmi Analytics powered by Sisense gives financial institutions the business intelligence tools they need to unlock the full power of their data, keep up with quickly evolving customer expectations, identify problem areas, and discover opportunities to grow revenue. 

Reclaim control over your data with Businesses Intelligence

Throughout our research and development of Narmi Analytics, we heard from many financial institutions about their current challenges with data analysis. And while every bank and credit union we spoke with varied in their particular data needs, we discovered a common pain point – a lack of control over what can be done with raw data.

Financial Institutions are flush with sources of proprietary data but struggle to drive business decisions from it when their current reporting tools are limited in data access, unintuitive for non-technical users, or only cater toward one type of user. The result is siloed and non-actionable data that prevents financial institutions from quickly identifying opportunities that could enhance the banking experience. 

Through interactive visual dashboards and custom reports, Narmi Analytics aims to help our customers unlock more potential from their data and gain new insights into user behavior. And in this period of evolving customer needs, critical business intelligence can be a powerful differentiator for financial institutions deciding where to make their next investment.

Extract actionable insights with easy to customize dashboards

Building dashboards that help internal teams easily extract helpful insight from their data shouldn’t require a deep technical understanding. And yet, many forward-thinking financial institutions are saddled with analytics tools that either require a team of data scientists to build & maintain, or cap the number of dashboards a financial institution can access. 

Narmi Analytics empowers our customers by giving them unlimited easy-to-use dashboards that help all internal teams answer their big questions. Many current data solutions for financial institutions only address one particular department's needs – creating narrowly focused products that keep insights siloed. With drag & drop widgets and visual-based modeling, Narmi Analytics aims to break down data silos and make data analysis approachable. 

Within a dashboard, leaders can dive deeper into the data by clicking into any data point in a widget – in turn filtering the dashboard to get a detailed and comprehensive view of the data. And with customizable widgets, teams can build visualizations that help them find answers and identify opportunities. The result is intuitive business intelligence that’s easy to share across departments and understand regardless of technical skill. 

To further help our customers quickly extract insights and find new opportunities, Narmi Analytics comes with prebuilt starter dashboards designed to compliment our product suite. Through our Digital Account Opening and Digital Banking dashboards, customers can quickly see a snapshot of account growth, deposit growth, user demographics, digital banking engagement, and more. These dashboards can also be used as starting points and are fully customizable to address individual team needs. 

Your Unified Source of Data Truth

As is the case with all our digital products, we put user experience first when developing Narmi Analytics. Through a unified embedded experience within the Narmi Admin Portal, we’re able to eliminate the annoyance of having to switch back and forth between separate admin systems. 

Additionally, all of the permission and access management to Narmi Analytics is already integrated – reducing the need to grant team members one-off permission to data. And with three different access tiers (Admin, Editor, and Viewer) internal teams can ensure that only the right team members have access to potentially sensitive data.

To learn more about Narmi Analytics, schedule some time to chat. If you are a current Narmi customer, reach out to your Customer Success Strategist to see a demo of the experience.

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Introducing Narmi Analytics powered by Sisense