Back-Office Tools to Streamline Any Financial Institution

Narmi has developed a suite of Admin, CRM, Fraud & Support tools to empower financial institutions and complement Narmi’s user-facing digital platforms.

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Digital First Support

Financial Institutions must deploy the most progressive and integrated back-office tools to succeed in a digital-first environment. Narmi’s Platform includes tools like seamless messaging and emulation to make support efficient and convenient.

Secure Messaging Highlights:

Manage communications with your users entirely digitally. No branch visits needed. Less calls.

Full insight into support message history

Attachment capability via mobile and online banking

Assign messages to different financial institution departments (lending, fraud, etc.)

secure messaging screenshots
emulation allows for quick user resolution vs standard support

Emulation Highlights:

View exactly what the user sees

Initiate directly from Narmi Admin Portal

Control emulation permissions via Narmi permissioning system

See relevant error messages a user might see and correct them immediately

Available for most third-party integrations

Paul Baudin

"Narmi provides an intuitive portal for the customer service team which allows Radius Bank to provide world-class service to our customers. Having the right tools that are easy and efficient makes all the difference when a customer needs help. Advisors can quickly find the customer and see recent login information including their IP address, account information, and linked accounts, all in the same screen."

Christina Shortall
Senior Vice President | Customer Experience, Radius Bank

Not Every User Is The Same

comparing users

Narmi enables financial institutions to segment users based on product type, risk level, or any other desired classification.

Create segments with Narmi and automatically control features, functionality, ACH limits, wire limits and check deposit limits, among other items, based on predefined and adjustable parameters.

High-level control over a digital platform is critical when serving varied  types of users. Historically, this type of control required in-person assistance at a branch. Narmi’s segmentation functionality provides financial institutions the confidence to manage any type of user digitally.

New Cumberland FCU leverages Narmi’s fraud, CRM and self-service tools across its digital account opening, mobile banking and online banking platforms. The result is a centralized and seamless experience for staff members and key stakeholders.

Download the case study here:

New Cumberland FCU Case Study

A Digital-Minded CRM Tool

A built-in CRM. Specifically designed for digital.

The Narmi Platform puts the data on each user at your fingertips, helping call center staff resolve support inquiries quickly and effectively.

Data available to financial institution staff:

Linked External Accounts
time backwards
External Transfer History
Scheduled Transfers
Message History
Audit Log of Activity
id verify
Two-Factor Authentication Devices
Limits & Feature Enablement

"The Narmi CRM allows us full access into our digital banking users including messages, documents, loan applications, transfer history and a detailed log of activity. Having all of this information at our fingertips allows for quicker calls and happier users."

Miguel Duprey
Call Center Manager, Freedom Credit Union
Miguel Duprey

Manage Money Movement

Money movement is a critical part of any forward-thinking digital banking platform. Narmi provides the flexibility and controls financial institutions need to confidently move money on behalf of their users.

money movement highlights

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