Narmi: Be where banking is going

Narmi’s new brand promise isn’t a rebrand, it’s who we’ve always been – and who we’ll always be.
Nov 21, 2022
Nikhil Lakhanpal
Co-Founder, Narmi
Chris Griffin
Co-Founder, Narmi
“The only constant is change”

Narmi was founded with a simple mission: build a world-class digital banking experience that’s accessible to everyone. And thanks to a culture of stable innovation and a team that is arguably the best across all of SaaS, Narmi has been able to continue meeting the needs of community financial institutions. Our mission has led to the development of products banks and credit unions rely on to grow – a beautifully designed digital banking platform, consumer and business digital account opening, a robust admin platform, and Narmi Analytics just to name a few.

“Things change so quickly...It's not like in the past, where consumers [were] hesitant to move their banking relationship. They can just pull up their phone and open an account instantaneously. So you've got to be able to stay abreast. And I think the agile ability of Narmi, over one of the larger players, is key to being able to stay relevant.”
– Narmi study participant

Narmi’s products have evolved and matured over the years, and we realized that our brand promise needed to evolve alongside it. As our offering has grown, so has the time it takes to explain all of what Narmi can provide. This led us down a path of self-discovery to distill the qualities that differentiate Narmi into one encapsulating statement.

Our new brand message had to be streamlined, intuitive, and easy to understand at first glance – just like our products! We wanted to capture our dedication to constant, stable innovation and how we’re evolving along with the banks, credit unions, and communities we serve, and sourced feedback from them to get varying perspectives on our brand. We’re thrilled to announce Narmi’s news brand evolution, and show a bit of process that went into crystallizing Narmi’s identity into a powerful and simple promise:

Uncovering our brand’s core promises

We needed a message that both explained and reflected who Narmi is and what we’ve built. We knew it had to be simple, clear, and easy to remember. Simplicity, though, can be surprisingly difficult – especially when it comes to distilling down so much information into one effortless statement. 

To better express who we knew we were, we undertook a process of self-discovery. This included interviews with customers, stakeholders, and Narmi employees, asking some tough questions that led to illuminating answers. The process distilled out some key characteristics and values our customers saw in us. 

Openness for everyone

Our open platform means financial institutions can integrate with the best platforms out there with minimal friction for them and their customers and members.

“They've got this AppXchange marketplace model that lets you bring in some adjacent solutions more easily than you would with one of the old-school providers.”

“We're going to integrate with another vendor of ours on the back end and make it all appear like it's coming through the Narmi solution. So it's really cool stuff.”
– Narmi study participants

Easy integration with third-party platforms and products means that banks and credit unions can create custom systems that meet their needs, a personalization option that will continue to play a major role in the future of banking. 

An overall great experience

Everything we make is designed with user experience in mind, whether it’s for the back-office of a bank or credit union or for the end-user. 

“Narmi belongs in the latest generation of digital banking platforms.”

“[Narmi is] easy to use, and it's got all the features you need. And if they can make something two clicks instead of four clicks, they do it.”
– Narmi study participants

If a web or mobile experience is frustrating, confusing, or unappealing, it’s not going to attract new users. That’s why we stay on top of our user experience, ensuring it’s always seamless, intuitive, and enjoyable to use for everyone. 

Communication as open as our platform

Going live with Narmi isn’t a one-and-done experience. Our customer success teams stay in constant contact with our customers to make sure everything is working the way it should, and mindfully integrate feedback into our updates. 

“Coming from [our former platform] to Narmi was night and day in terms of support.”

“They're responsive whenever anything comes up. I just emailed them five minutes [ago] with a question...[and] I'll probably have an answer by the time we get off this call.”
– Narmi study participants

Along with the digital staples of good user experience and customization, we know communication is also key. If someone has a question, they need to be able to get an answer. We’re dedicated to providing that support with consistently open channels of communication.  

Growth of product – and relationships

We don’t just want our customers to grow, but our relationships, too, because that’s really the core of banking and of community. Our products make those relationships easier and more seamless.

“[Our previous] provider...was a corporate conglomerate. And with Narmi, I'm having dinner with [one of the leaders] Thursday night. It's more of a friendly relationship on top of a professional relationship, instead of just 800 number at a corporation where you don't know anybody.”
– Narmi study participant

While digital options mean greater convenience, they’re no substitute for real human relationships – and we see no reason why they can’t coexist.

This means:

Narmi is how community financial institutions unlock the very latest capabilities in digital banking and account opening, so they can move faster, tap new growth opportunities, and be where banking is going. Too many of the current digital banking platforms aren’t keeping up with the

pace of change in consumer expectations. And complacency comes at big cost, as legacy tech slows growth. To be where banking is going, you have to offer an experience that is:

Always effortless

“Online account opening ... Narmi got it done. Game changer for us.”

Narmi offers a user experience that makes every digital banking interaction easier for your customers and your team

Always current 

“Narmi keeps up. They do releases and updates every month.”

Narmi is an agile partner who’s delivering new ideas and continuous improvements on a regular basis

Always dependable

“We felt like we were building it with them, rather than buying a product and then trying to have it changed later.”

Narmi provides the help of a partner whose unrelenting dedication to your success is only second to their passion for your customer’s success

Some examples of Narmi's new message in various ad copy

Narmi will help you be where banking is going

Banking is going a lot of places, some expected, some surprising. But one thing is for certain: we’ll help banks and credit unions get there by helping them craft their own journeys and meet the unique needs of their communities. That way, they can continue providing the service their customers and members have come to rely on while continually elevating their banking experience. 

On average, Narmi customers see results like 3X the account growth in less than 30 days, 4X deposits growth in 90 days, and 100% on-time, seamless implementations.

Narmi also strives to be forward-thinking and forward-moving internally as well as externally. Our employees, some of the best and brightest in their fields, make us who we are and as good as we can be. We’re people-first for our customers, and we’re people-first for our team, too.

Narmi: Be where banking is going