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Save your own time while you save theirs

Put your customers and members first with an Admin Platform that brings the back-office tools you need into one clean interface.
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Streamline your institution's digital back-office

Give your teams the digital-first tools they need to do everything efficiently - all the while delighting your users.

Secure Messaging

Narmi’s native secure messaging is a personalized and familiar way for your back-office teams to support the needs of your customers and members.
  • Full view of support message history
  • Attachment capability via mobile & online banking
  • Ability to assign messages to the right team members

Understand their issue in real-time

Narmi’s back-office emulation gives your teams the ability to avoid confusion and resolve issues quickly. With access to a “read-only” session to view exactly what the user sees, institutions can reduce support calls and improve customer satisfaction.

Dive into every detail to get the full story

Deep access to data within the admin portal gives financial institutions the ability to quickly identify account details and see a comprehensive audit log of every action the user has taken.
  • Give permissions to initiate account maintenance on behalf of users
  • View application status, decisioning criteria, metrics on success & abandonment
"Narmi provides an intuitive portal for the customer service team which allows LendingClub to provide world-class service to our customers. Having the right tools that are easy and efficient makes all the difference when a customer needs help. Advisors can quickly find the customer and see recent login information including their IP address, account information, and linked accounts, all in the same screen."
Christina Shortall
Senior Vice President, Customer Experience

Let the data take the lead

Identify areas for growth with a 360 view of your user.

Know your customers, then get to know them

Identity Decisioning
Reduce fraud risk and drive higher quality account applications. Narmi’s tightly integrated identity decisioning toolkit gives banks & credit unions the confidence to automatically decision 100% of submitted account applications.
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Embedded business intelligence

Narmi Analytics
With unlimited reports and customizable dashboards, your institution can unlock the full power of your data and keep up with customer expectations. Discover actionable insights and new opportunities with Narmi Analytics.
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Over 100 digital banking settings in your control

Say “goodbye” to vendor support ticket backlogs. We give you the freedom to customize and control your digital banking settings.

Self-Service Institution Settings

Manage digital banking customizations without having to consult us. We've built a robust self-service admin experience designed to give you control and flexibility over the digital banking experience.

Back-offices run on Narmi

See what Narmi can do by the numbers.
"The Narmi CRM allows us full access into our digital banking users including messages, documents, loan applications, transfer history and a detailed log of activity. Having all of this information at our fingertips allows for quicker calls and happier users."
Miguel Duprey
Call Center Manager


Support volume cut down by half


Improvement in response time


Increase in net promoter score

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