Eliminate dependence on your core

Accelerate innovation by integrating your back-end systems through a unified communication layer.
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Standardize and simplify communication

Create new value for both your front-end users and your back-end staff through real-time alerts and automatic updates.

Unlock and open the door for innovation

Middleware offers a plug-and-play, low development solution to integrating various software systems. With a middleware strategy, you can integrate more quickly as it allows for faster agreements of existing systems.
  • Widen your vendor selection with ease
  • Scale your operating model with low overhead
  • Exponentially reduce time to integrate through reusable assets

Save your staff time

As a unified connectivity layer, middleware aggregates all the data across systems. This means real-time updates between systems that your staff doesn’t have to manage.
  • Real-time updates for personal information (change of address, phone number, email, etc.)
  • Instant updates to balances across credit card, debit card, and more systems
  • Real-time alerts

Do it easily, with Narmi

Narmi’s open platform gives us the flexibility to partner with middleware providers. We’ve done middleware integrations to our digital banking and digital account opening platforms before, so we’re here to walk you through it.
  • Comprehensive middleware integration experience
  • Partnership with ModusBox and other major middleware providers
  • Go live with Digital Account Opening via a middleware integration in under 90 days

Improving how digital banking systems communicate is where middleware comes in.

Narmi Co-Founder Nikhil Lakhanpal sits down with experts in banking & middleware for a FinXTech Xchange discussion on how banks can connect and innovate faster.
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Our middleware documentation is public

Learn how Narmi seamlessly integrates with ESBs (Enterprise Service Bus). ESB is another word for middleware. This document is designed to facilitate integration of an ESB with Narmi's Digital Banking and Account Opening platforms. We want these integrations to be as easy for your team as possible.
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