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Narmi customers use AppXchange to extend the Narmi Platform and ensure their financial institution is central to daily life.

Narmi's AppXchange Empowers the Re-Bundling of Banking

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Narmi’s AppXchange allows your institution to add specific and differentiated functionality at zero cost and zero effort. The result is a re-bundling of digital-first financial services that establishes a renewed focus on your customers across their entire financial life.

By leveraging the AppXchange, your financial institution will be an innovator and establish a deep relationship with your account holders. You will eliminate the threat of FinTech competitors stealing away market share and engagement with their standalone offerings. You will be the only financial institution a consumer or business needs.


The team at Narmi is amazing. I can genuinely say I love coming into the office daily so I can see my coworkers. It's a tight-knit group, and we collaborate well. It's great to be in an environment where I know my opinions and perspectives matter and are heard.

- Chelsea Casareale, UI/UX Designer

How does it work?

Your institution receives all the benefits of the Narmi AppXchange automatically when you adopt the Narmi Digital Banking Platform.

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AppXchange Partners typically integrate through the Narmi Application Framework and using the Narmi API

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Alternatively, if your institution wants to introduce your own AppXchange partner, they can be onboarded in as quick as 2 weeks

Financial institutions are welcome to re-brand the Narmi AppXchange with your own branding - for example see the Radius Bank Personal Banking Marketplace

Why it Matters:

Consumers and businesses live today entirely on their phones and computers, rarely in-branch

Financial institutions must ensure they are central to daily digital life to be relevant and profitable

Proven, pre-existing, and critical functionality can be added to your digital platform with zero code or development needed by your institution

Increase revenue (often at 100% margin) thereby impacting key metrics such as ROA, ROE and capital ratios

"It has been great to work with Narmi, as their open digital banking platform made integration very straightforward. This makes it possible for us to bring Ladder's unique functionality to millions of potential customers by meeting them where they bank."

Jeff Merkel

Co-Founder Ladder

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