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Narmi understands no financial institution is the same. Our platform makes it easy for financial institutions, development partners and FinTech companies to deliver customized features and functionality to end-users.

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The Openness of the Narmi Platform

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Narmi API

Own Your Financial Institution's Data

The Narmi API allows technology companies and financial institutions to extract and use data generated in the Narmi Platform.

Because mobile and online banking is the primary way users interact with their financial institutions today, the data generated within the Narmi Platform is very powerful. Narmi’s API makes this data easily accessible, empowering financial institutions to solve their business problems in a data-driven way.

  • NPS increased 20%
  • Support message volume decreased by 50%
  • Response time improved by 63%
case study

To reduce its back-office expenses and increase customer satisfaction, a $1.4bn financial institution wanted to move all support messages initiated from the Narmi Platform into its CRM system (i.e. Oracle, Salesforce, etc.). The financial institution worked with one of Narmi’s development partners to seamlessly integrate our API with its CRM’s API.

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Narmi Application Framework

Build new functionality quickly

The Narmi Application Framework (NAF) allows technology companies and financial institutions to add features to, or build integrations with, the Narmi online and mobile banking platforms.

Developers can build apps with whichever technology they desire, including server-side technologies. The framework also gives applications access to various product resources using consistent APIs across supported Narmi products.

  • Less than 1 week of development work
  • No extra third-parties required
  • Completely omni-channel across mobile and online banking
case study

To reduce the number of third-parties needed and to get to market faster, a $1.0bn financial institution built two pieces of functionality in-house:

  1. The ability for users to view their FICO score
  2. The ability for users to view their loan application status

This financial institution leveraged the NAF to launch this functionality in the Narmi Platform.

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Access Our Guides and Documentation

Click below to learn more about the Narmi API or Narmi Application Framework.
Paul Baudin

"Narmi's open platform - including their API and Narmi Application Framework - allows us to innovate twice as fast. We not only benefit from Narmi's product roadmap, but can also deliver functionality unique to our bank on our timeline and budget. This undoubtedly translates directly into better business outcomes."

Kyle Costello
Vice President | Emerging Technologies, Radius Bank
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Narmi API

Access Reliable and Real-Time Data

Data aggregators often use screen-scraping and other unsecure methods to obtain financial data. Leverage Narmi’s secure and developer-friendly API instead.

Expanded Scope of Data

Narmi’s deep integrations and robust functionality allow for a greater set of data, such as loan payoff date, geo-location, and bill-pay information.

User-Empowered Banking is the Future

PSD2 in the European Union pioneered API-driven banking. Don’t let your financial institution fall behind.

Narmi Application Framework

Partner Ecosystem

Leverage Narmi’s deep network of FinTech companies and development shops to help customize and create your unique digital banking platform.

Go To Market Faster

Competition in banking is at an all-time high. Leverage the Narmi Application Framework to deploy new features and functionality quickly.

Language Agnostic

Developers can build applications with any technology they like, including server-side technologies.

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FinTech Partnerships That Leveraged the Narmi Application Framework

"It has been great to work with Narmi, as their open digital banking platform made integration very straightforward. This makes it possible for us to bring Ladder's unique functionality to millions of potential customers by meeting them where they bank."

- Jeff Merkel, Co-Founder of Ladder

"Narmi’s platform allows innovative and consumer-centric financial institutions to seamlessly offer Credible to their customer base to help them meet their financial goals."

- Dave Lewis, VP of Partnerships and Business Development of Credible

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