WATCH: Product expert Audrey Song presents Narmi Analytics

Nov 16, 2021
Laura Caseley
Content Writer

In her recent webinar, Unlock the Full Power Of Your Digital Data And Grow with Confidence, Narmi product expert Audrey Song showed us how financial institutions can leverage their data in real time to better understand and serve their customers using Narmi Analytics.

In case you missed it, you can see the full webinar below. During the session, she covers the opportunities that digital data can offer financial institutions, how it can be used to drive innovation in an intelligent and relevant way, and what unique challenges Narmi faced (and overcame) in the development of our embedded analytics platform. 

Audrey walks us through the tools Narmi Analytics offers, showcasing how data sets can be combined and layered for a truly granular look at customer activity, market trends, and more. Explore how customer spending habits, new account opening locations, and customer retention relate to product innovation and greater security. In this webinar, she also fields questions from financial leaders to cover the real challenges that institutions face when integrating business intelligence into their systems.

Watch the full Narmi Analytics webinar here.

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WATCH: Product expert Audrey Song presents Narmi Analytics