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Oct 27, 2022
Molly Riesenberger
Product Marketing Manager

Narmi has always been dedicated to our promise of steady, incremental updates and a stable release process. Having built Narmi from the ground up, we know first-hand how small changes can add up to big improvements. Our approach of continuous delivery and continuous deployment means that we’re able to fulfill our promise, and deliver the updates our customers need – all without the downtime and frustrations that plague digital updates. 

We also know that a great customer experience and being where banking is going means placing just as much value on the smaller updates as we do on the large feature announcements. 

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Check out some of the latest improvements and updates we’ve made to Narmi that might not be on your radar:

Same-day ACH

The ACH (Automated Clearing House) system is an integral part of the banking industry, and Narmi is excited to announce that we now support same-day ACH transfers. A big part of enabling financial empowerment is providing seamless and fast money movement. With same-day ACH support, your customers and members are able to move money and make payments even faster.

Two screens, one showing a money transfer and one showing receipt of money, both with the same date.

In today’s climate, moving money quickly is table stakes, especially as banks and credit unions increasingly compete with platforms like Venmo, Zelle, and CashApp. The same standard holds true for large payments that are processed via ACH. 

With same-day ACH, users will be able to accept customer payments, pay vendor invoices, and process employee payroll much faster. It will also give them more frequent and accurate information about their fund availability each day. 

To learn more about enabling Same-Day ACH functionality, schedule a demo or contact your Narmi relationship manager if you’re already a Narmi customer. 

Self-service external app integrations 

Narmi’s Application Framework (NAF), is an application layer and flexible framework that gives financial institutions a low-code method for building integrations. Through the NAF, Narmi customers can create an “all-in-one” digital banking experience that fits the exact needs of their users. 

A screen and dropdown menu showing the available options to add control access for different apps.

In order to further empower our customers, we’ve developed a self-service experience for adding and managing third-party applications, giving more flexibility and control over the digital roadmap. With this update, financial institutions and authorized third-party developers are able to add, remove, or update their applications all within the Admin Platform. 

And with role-based permission controls and more transparency, banks and credit unions utilizing the self-service NAF experience can look forward to more flexibility along with time and money savings. 

Learn more about this update and watch our feature walk-through video.

Accessibility & usability updates

Accessibility, on both web and mobile, is a basic right. In the same way banks and credit unions install accessibility ramps at the front door of their branches, it is imperative to consider digital accessibility as well. If someone is unable to access or fully utilize your digital branch, it hinders user experience, and ultimately, revenue growth. 

A screen showing assistive applications making the text larger and more legible.

Narmi is dedicated to improving accessibility, as it ensures that our digital banking products are available to all people. Nearly 1 in 4 people in the U.S. have a form of disability. That 25% of the population needs to manage their finances safely and securely, with support from their financial institution. 

We made three key changes that work towards making our product more accessible for all:

Added tab key functionality for navigation

This critical functionality allows users to navigate through the Narmi digital banking and admin platforms with only the ‘tab’ and ‘enter’ keys on their computer keyboard. Since many users of assistive technology rely on a keyboard to navigate websites instead of a mouse, having this functionality is crucial to their experiences. 

Repositioned icons to be more intuitive

In an effort to make the Narmi mobile banking experience more accessible, we’ve made small changes to how our icons are positioned and displayed, improving known visual impairment issues along the way. 

Introduced even more Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) tags

ARIA is a set of attributes that can be added to HTML to make content more accessible to those who use assistive technologies or screen readers. We added additional tags to provide screen readers extra information, context, and interactivity with the content on the digital banking pages.

Read more about how you can improve the accessibility of your banking experiences, and why accessibility matters.

Greater multi-factor authentication controls

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security measure that requires users to present several pieces of information when logging into their account. With this update, we’ve made additions to our multi-factor authentication controls to ensure financial institutions are as protected from fraud as possible, without sacrificing user experience.

A login screen showing the requirement for two-factor authentication.

Staff users will now be able to control the types of MFA devices that are acceptable for users to log-in to their accounts. Within institution settings, staff users will be able to select or unselect as many options as desired from the following authentication options:

  • 📱 An Authenticator app, like Google Authenticator
  • ☎️ Phone (text message or phone call)
  • 📧 Email

Learn more about how you can access and update your financial institution’s multi-factor authentication options.

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