Narmi and PortX partner to accelerate digital transformation through middleware and provide best-in-class implementation support

In collaboration with PortX, Narmi’s financial institution customers can leverage middleware to help reduce their reliance on the core.
Apr 17, 2023
Molly Riesenberger
Product Marketing Manager

Middleware is a powerful technology for connecting disparate systems and ensuring consistent data across tech stacks, resulting in a streamlined user experience and less reliance on the core. At Narmi, we recognize the importance of middleware and have designed our open platform to support both direct-to-core integrations and middleware, providing financial institutions with the flexibility they need. To make it even easier for financial institutions to deploy a middleware strategy, Narmi has developed official partnerships with industry-leading providers in the space, such as PortX

PortX is a technology company focused on integration software for financial services. Its Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) was specifically designed for financial institutions, offering open access to data, simplified application connectivity, and accelerated adoption of new technologies and networks. Our partnership with PortX allows us to help financial institutions accelerate their digital transformation. 

Through PortX’s standardized, API-centric core connections, Narmi can quickly and easily integrate with a financial institution’s core banking system and third-party providers – broadening our customer base and accelerating implementation timelines. Similarly, Narmi-connected FIs can easily activate and reuse connections to create simple integrations with PortX’s growing community of fintech solutions and core vendor partnerships. This partnership enables a financial institution to rapidly implement Narmi’s platform, achieve secure visibility into customer data flows, reduce its dependency on the core, and innovate faster. 

Nikhil Lakhanpal, Co-Founder of Narmi, and David Wexler, CEO of PortX, recently spoke about our partnership in a Bank Director webinar on middleware. According to Nikhil, “It’s a topic that on the surface I think can appear very complex, but when you really drill into it, it’s actually not,” Nikhil said. “For example, a bank or credit union has a core provider along with various third-party integrations. Then you might have a third-party solution, in this case, Narmi, which specializes in consumer and business account opening and digital banking for these financial institutions. And then you inject what we call a middleware solution, such as PortX to facilitate the connectivity between these systems which then enables a superior user experience.” 

At Narmi, we are excited to join the PortX community of modern solutions for financial institutions.

In response to the partnership, Nikhil said, “PortX provides our customers with a tremendous opportunity to scale their fintech partnerships - a critical capability in today’s financial services landscape. It also empowers them with the flexibility to easily modernize connectivity with their existing technology stack, like their banking core provider, that has historically hindered innovation.”

Narmi and PortX have worked together on several occasions to deliver best-in-class implementation support to community banks and credit unions. 

For instance, Arizona Central Credit Union successfully went from core integration to go-live in under 90 days. Throughout the implementation process, our teams were in constant communication, leveraging Narmi’s comprehensive product documentation and detailed change log that correlates to Narmi’s release cycle. Currently, Narmi and PortX are supporting the integration of several other community financial institutions.

We utilize PortX’s Delivery Methodology, which is a hybrid agile approach to cover initial planning and discovery quickly, followed by rapid development sprints. PortX’s deep domain expertise in banking core integration positions them to rapidly move the needle in areas that might hinder other companies. This expertise combined with Narmi’s support ensures that they can validate operational connectivity and assures properly formatted data for the core.

David Wexler, CEO of PortX, shared his excitement about our partnership, saying, “Narmi has a strong focus on building digital-first API-based solutions for its customers. We have joined forces with Narmi before on multiple client engagements that accelerated the customer’s ability to deliver a sophisticated yet simple online banking platform for its users. I’m excited for this partnership to help community banks and credit unions implement Narmi’s platform quickly and easily, and speed up their innovation cycles with other fintech partnerships.”

Narmi and PortX are dedicated to providing innovative technology and exceptional support to help community financial institutions stay ahead of the curve.

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Narmi and PortX partner to accelerate digital transformation through middleware and provide best-in-class implementation support