Introducing Narmi’s new website and visual identity

A new virtual home base for the Narmi you know and trust.
Nov 17, 2021
Nikhil Lakhanpal
Co-Founder, Narmi
Chris Griffin
Co-Founder, Narmi

This past year has been a very transformative year for Narmi. In 2021, we announced our Series A funding, added to our Board of Directors, introduced innovative new products, and quadrupled in size – with more ambitious growth on the horizon. And, we’ve done all this in a primarily remote environment that has forced us to re-learn ways of developing, designing, and connecting as a company and team.

To better represent who Narmi has become and what the future holds, we decided it was time to give our brand an overhaul and redesign our most frequent first impression, our website. Narmi’s new brand identity is equally a reflection of our growth, and a fitting representation of the core beliefs and product pillars that have led to this stage. 

What guided our brand overhaul

When starting to think about a new visual identity for Narmi and a website that could serve as our virtual home, we knew it was critical that this work speak to our core values and product pillars. In our mission to modernize banking in the US, we’ve always believed that true digital banking transformation comes from embracing openness and API-powered technology. 

And if openness and an API-first strategy is our vehicle for digital transformation, building an incredibly dependable platform and developing features and functionality that help re-write the financial story is how we reach our destination. 

For Narmi’s visual brand, we drew inspiration from public transit that brings people from one place to another. And being headquartered in New York City, we found particular inspiration in the now iconic MTA Subway map

Visual inspiration and mood board for the new Narmi brand identity and visual motif.

Our new visual identity is evocative of structures that enable innovation, make navigation and wayfinding easier, and signal a continuous movement forward.

What this work allows us to do

Our new visual brand and website is a big step forward for Narmi, not only in terms of aesthetic appeal but also for what it’ll allow us to accomplish in the years ahead. When we started this work, we knew we wanted a brand presence that could help us grow in the following ways:

Attract the most forward-thinking financial institutions

The Narmi website sees a lot of traffic from both our prospective and current customers. From vetting our scale to understanding the breadth of our product offerings, we rely on our website to be the best representation of who we are and what we can accomplish. 

Improving the look and feel of our website speaks directly to our appreciation for great design, and the many ways design can benefit businesses. In our own products, we’ve seen first-hand how an iterative design approach can be a differentiating factor. We wanted to bring that to our brand as well.

As we continue down this next growth journey we knew we needed a website that could elevate our messaging and fit better with who we’ve become. Our new site does just that. We’ve re-thought nearly every element of the new experience to help our visitors find the info they need quickly, and showcase our product benefits better than before. 

Provide even more value and benefit to our customers

The relationships we get to build with our customers and the innovative leaders driving change in the banking industry is extremely motivating and enriching. Having been banking leaders ourselves, we’ve experienced firsthand how transformative a good relationship with digital vendors can be. So when it came to designing a new website to help nurture and grow those relationships, we decided to elevate the experiences of our content and our developer documentation. 

The new Narmi Resources hub gives visitors a central location to learn about the work Narmi is doing and find inspiration from the industry. Now, our Insight blog posts, case studies, guides, and webinars are all under one roof so our customers can easily find the resources they need and stay connected with the latest from Narmi. 

To better serve our customers’ technical teams, we created the new Developer Portal. This easy to navigate portal contains the documentation and guides developers need to build something amazing with Narmi, fast. 

At the end of the day, when our customers succeed we succeed. Delivering outsized results to them, and being able to do so dependably and at scale, motivates every decision we make. The new Customers section of our website is a prominent location where we can celebrate the wins of our customers and highlight the work they’re doing to change the future of banking. 

Continue to attract top talent

On top of our desire to attract innovative customers, we also want to ensure we’re recruiting and hiring the best of the best. Doing so is essential to innovation, and critical for Narmi to continue to develop our rich culture of care and openness.

Narmi employees bonding and collaborating at the midtown NYC office space.

The new Narmi Careers page was designed to give a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to work with us as we build the future or banking. Here, candidates can learn about the perks of working with us – like student loan assistance and a work-from-home stipend to build the perfect home office. On top of these benefits, our new visual identity and website is something our whole team can take pride in and feel they’re a part of, even if we can’t currently all be together in one location. 

Always looking forward

At Narmi, we know that things are always changing, and we’ve made a promise to keep changing with them, while still providing consistently reliable innovations to digital banking for credit unions, banks, and their consumer and business customers. 

We want our new brand identity and website to remind our customers, both current and potential, that Narmi is dedicated to evolving and scaling to meet their ever-changing needs. We’re excited to share this new phase of Narmi with you, and are even more excited for what the future holds!

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Introducing Narmi’s new website and visual identity