Behind the scenes of customer success

A look into our webinar series for Narmi customers that builds experts in digital banking
Mar 10, 2023
Molly Riesenberger
Product Marketing Manager
Ryan Donaldson
Sr. Content Marketing Manager

Narmi’s brand promise is to be where banking is going. To fulfill that promise, we believe in offering an experience that is: always effortless, always current, and always dependable. In 2022, we challenged ourselves to curate a new experience for our customers that enhances all three of these promises. 

With our Narmi product team constantly innovating and our customer network growing rapidly, we decided to launch a dedicated monthly webinar series exclusively for customers of Narmi. 

We hear time and time again that community financial institutions often feel they are lacking a true partner on their journey to growth. Finding a provider that is truly dedicated to supporting the needs of their customers is few and far between in the digital banking industry. This left us wondering: What would it look like to redefine the culture of support for financial institutions?

In an effort to build a culture of true partnership with our community of financial institutions, we’ve designed a customer webinar series that helps them get the most out of our digital toolbox. The impact of the webinar series for customers is three-fold:

  1. Detailed product walkthroughs and feature breakdowns that help customers fully optimize the Narmi product experience. 
  2. Live Q&A with Narmi product experts on digital-first best practices, challenges, and solutions
  3. Connection in real-time with other financial institutions who also use Narmi

Introducing the Customer Webinar Series

September 8, 2022
Narmi Co-Founder Nikhil Lakhanpal on what inspired the Narmi Customer Webinar Series.

Over the past few months, we’ve hosted four customer webinars. Here’s a recap of what was covered and a glimpse into the experience and support you can expect as a Narmi customer.

Unlocking the Narmi Application Framework for Faster Innovation

Narmi Digital Consultant Arjun Lahiri kicked off the first webinar of the Narmi Customer Webinar Series with a deep dive on the Narmi Application Framework (NAF). The NAF allows financial institutions to build on top of Narmi, adding custom or third-party experiences all within Narmi’s consumer and business digital banking platform. It's an approachable way to seamlessly extend the platform to curate an "all-in-one" banking experience. In the webinar, we covered the intricacies of how the NAF works and walked through examples of how our customers have successfully leveraged the NAF to integrate custom functionality - like a virtual card management system.

Curating a Personalized Digital Experience Through Segmentation

In the second Narmi Webinar, the Narmi team unpacked segmentation. Narmi segmentation allows financial institutions to classify users into limitless segments and personas. Once classified, financial institutions can adjust a multitude of settings – functionalities, limits, marketing offers and more – for each “segment” of users. This feature is designed to allow financial institutions to anticipate user expectations and deliver a more personalized banking experience.

Our team talked through three key ways to approach segments: 1) segmenting by relationship, 2) segmenting by risk, and 3) segmenting by time.

Relationship-based segmentation looks at the number of products a user has with a financial institution and drives loyalty by rewarding engaged users.

Risk-based segmentation groups users by risk level and sets limits on how much they can transfer or deposit to decrease the likelihood of fraudulent activity.

Time-based segmentation allows you to offer more limited products and impose more stringent limits on new users who have been with your financial institution for under 90 days.

We also dug into the ways segmentation can be used to build personas and create personalized marketing campaigns within the digital banking platform, with everything from targeted fintech offers to promotional cards.

How to Get the Most out of Your Digital Account Opening Platform

The Narmi team walked through ways to maximize growth and convert more prospects to customers and members by leveraging Narmi’s Digital Account Opening toolkit. We brought on our marketing and design experts to walk through marketing strategies to optimize landing pages and drive more users to open an account. 

We also chatted through Narmi tools to launch more effective product campaigns and ideas for better tracking to increase conversion rates. For example, URL parameters can be utilized by financial institutions to build campaigns and tag relevant applicants with campaign tags. This tactic makes it easier to run seasonal product promotions, like a Spring campaign for growing digital deposits promoted on Facebook. By creating a URL parameter with "FB Spring Campaign 2023", a financial institution would be able to track how many applicants come through that social promotion.

Mitigating Risk Through the Narmi Platform

Our most recent Narmi webinar was a deep dive on ways to better reduce fraud through Narmi's digital banking platform. As fraudsters continue to evolve their illicit tactics, we focused on the tools that both account holders and staff alike can leverage to proactively mitigate fraud. Specifically, we double-clicked on the following features:

Risk Rules: Financial institutions can set up a variety of “risk rules” that flag specific activities for review, such as transactions over a certain amount, specific email domains, the number of times a user has reset their password, and more.  

Offline verification: This allows staff to verify a user’s identity via SMS, ensuring the user is who they say they are. 

Multi-factor Authentication: Require users to verify their accounts via multiple “factors” (i.e. a code sent to their device) to access their accounts.

Step-up Authentication: Allow employees to turn on a feature that determines whether a user must complete a two-factor authentication step prior to submitting a wire. 

Role-based Access Controls: Give business users the ability to assign access to specific accounts and features based on employee roles. 

Dual Approvals for Wire Transfers: Turn on a control that requires two people to authorize a wire transfer transaction.

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Behind the scenes of customer success