Hindsight is 2020: A year in review with Narmi

Jan 8, 2021
Ryan Donaldson
Sr. Content Marketing Manager

2020 was certainly a year unlike any we’ve seen before. It challenged us in ways we did not, and could not anticipate. Beyond anything else, we’re most thankful for the health of our employees, continued trajectory as a company, and amazing customers. Without any of these, nothing else matters. 

Overall, the story of Narmi’s 2020 is one filled with hard work, creativity, continued growth, and valuable new partnerships.

In March, we seamlessly transitioned from a largely in-office New York City-based culture to an entirely remote one. As some of the early hopes of the pandemic being short-lived faded, we started looking at processes and systems we could put in place for the long-term health of our company and our employees. Given our hiring needs remained aggressive, we adopted a remote-first approach to recruiting, and since March 2020 have more than doubled our team. 

On the business side, we looked for ways to run an effective sales, implementation, and customer success operation. While these departments historically have necessitated a high (and necessary) volume of in-person interactions, we have found that digital methods of interaction can be just as effective. Moving forward, we’re looking forward to combining the best of both worlds to create an amazing experience for our financial institution customers. 

As the year progressed, we continued to grow. While the world was rapidly changing around us, the one thing that didn't was the quality of our stakeholders. We continued to attract world-class employees, high-quality financial institution customers, and remarkable investors.

Our proudest moments from 2020 are ones when we helped our partner financial institutions adapt to a “new normal”. Success stories include helping handle increased loads of new account applications, RDC volume, ACH transactions, and login activity. We conducted research and gathered feedback to develop new products – such as business banking – and built new features like referral functionality to help our clients support consumers shifting to an entirely digital banking experience. 

From day one, we started this company with the mission to help banks and credit unions thrive in a digital-first world. This past year reaffirmed our core mission, and we’re more optimistic about the future now than ever before. As financial institutions double down on their investment in digital technologies, we’re excited to play a role in their transformations.

-Nikhil Lakhanpal & Chris Griffin

timeline of narmi's achievements in 2020

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Hindsight is 2020: A year in review with Narmi