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Deliver a business platform that empowers your business users to flourish and positions your financial institution for transformative growth.

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Role-based Access Controls
Dual Approvals
Step Up Authentication
Business Bill Pay
Remote Deposit Capture
Wire Transfers

Elevated Security and Control

Being able to efficiently manage users and monitor transactions is key to any growing business. Far too often, business banking platforms overcomplicate it.

Role-Based Access Controls

Ensure businesses are protected by allowing them to assign and manage system access based on employee job roles.

Dual Approvals

A layer of protection that gives businesses full control and customization over who can approve transactions and how much money they can approve.

Step Up Authentication for Select Transactions

Protects businesses against unauthorized use by giving the option to require employees to authenticate with two-factor log-in before making transactions.

A Simplified User Experience

That's why we designed a business banking experience that is a seamless multichannel experience for every type of business from the fast-growing start-up to the businesses "on the go" to the more established firms with traditional needs.

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Mobile Business Banking

Deposit checks, pay bills, make transactions, and control role-based access and approvals from anywhere.

"Gmail" Style Account Switching

Seamlessly transition across personal and business bank accounts.

Seamless Money Movement

Narmi supports full business ACH originations, domestic wires, and a Business Bill Pay API integration for real-time money movement.

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Designing a Banking Experience that Empowers Businesses to Succeed

With more businesses choosing FinTechs and Neo-banks to address their financial needs, financial institutions must innovate quickly and stay up to date with the latest business banking trends to get ahead of the competition.

Narmi spoke with businesses directly to identify what their current business banking experience is like and what additional features they would like to have.
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Robust Money Movement

Narmi puts control and flexibility back into the hands of businesses and financial institutions. In turn, financial institutions can spend less time on in-efficient back-office tasks and more time delivering value.

Control for the Business User

Business Bill Pay

Remote Deposit Capture

ACH transfers

Domestic Wires

Flexibility for the Financial Institution

ACH Manager with Automated Decisioning

Reporting Available

Conditional Fraud Controls

Fedwire File Generation

NACHA File Creation and SFTP Capability

Real-Time Posting to the Core Banking System

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Integrated Business Functionality

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With Narmi’s open API, our business banking platform can seamlessly integrate with popular accounting and payroll software such as Quickbooks and Autobooks.

The result is a robust business banking experience that transforms financial institutions into a businesses' main hub for all their financial needs.

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