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Sandbox environment

The Sandbox environment is a replica of the production environment, supporting all of the same API endpoints. Applications should be tested against the Sandbox environment before being used in production.

Differences from production environment

  • The Sandbox contains only test data and is completely separate from your production account.
  • All API endpoints use the sandbox base URL (, not a production url.
  • Actual money is not sent or received as part of test transactions.
  • Transfers may not create corresponding transactions, they remain pending indefinitely.

Real financial data should never be used in the Sandbox.

Sandbox setup

To set up your Sandbox account, all we ask for is a valid email address.

After email verification, your Sandbox account will be created and you’ll be redirected to our Sandbox Dashboard at Here you can view your API key and secret and generate an OAuth access token.On enrollment, we’ll seed your account with transaction history and a (fake) balance.

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Next Steps

Once you have a valid Sandbox account, you can start making calls to the API, see the start guide. To simplify development, learn about configuring and using our SDKs. You can also jump straight into the API Docs.

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