Variable Pricing

Last Updated: May 17, 2023


Narmi Functions empower financial institutions and third parties to effortlessly create serverless Functions by utilizing custom code, pre-configured templates, or marketplace solutions. This flexible pathway to innovation enables the financial institution or third party to seamlessly create integrations with Narmi’s API, leverage webhooks for event-driven integrations, create Narmi Application Framework apps, or schedule back-office automation, faster and easier than ever. With this streamlined approach, financial institutions and third parties are equipped with a powerful toolkit to extend the capabilities of the Narmi Platform.


Narmi Functions is free for the first 90 days following acceptance of the Terms of Service for Narmi Functions.

Following this 90-day period, you only pay for what they use. You are charged based on the number of Number Functions they create and the duration it takes for the code to run each time it is executed.

  • $150 per Narmi Function, per month
  • $150 per Narmi Application Framework (NAF) based Function, per month
  • $0.001 per second of invocation request*

*An invocation request is counted each time a Function begins executing. The duration is measured from the start of the code execution until it either returns or terminates, and it is rounded up to the nearest 1-second increment.


Below are three illustrative examples to help demonstrate how pricing would be applied:

  • A Webhook- based Function is fired every time a user logs in and takes 1.9 seconds per invocation. There are 200,000 logins per month. The total cost to Client would be $550 per month [($0.001 * 200,000 * 2) + $100].
  • A Schedule- based Function is fired every morning and takes 600 seconds per invocation. It was setup halfway through the month. The total cost to Client would be approximately $168 per month [($0.001 * 30 * 600) + $150] and approximately $159 in the first month [($0.001 * 15 * 600) + $150].
  • A Function serving a highly-used Narmi Application Framework feature is requested 2 million times. Each invocation takes 0.4 seconds. The total cost to Client would be $2300 per month [($0.001 * 2,000,000) + $150 + $150].
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