Staff-Led Account Opening

Transform the in-person experience

Empower staff to open accounts for applicants effortlessly—any time, anywhere.
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An omnichannel solution designed for flexibility

Narmi enables in-person account opening that's modern, frictionless, and personal.

An account opening experience designed for both staff and applicants

Connect with applicants on their terms, with a tool that aligns with staff expectations.

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Build the foundation for lasting relationships

Provide an experience focused on the applicant, not the process.
Drive cross-sell with a personalized touch
Leave notes on the applicant at various stages throughout the process to encourage cross-sell.
Navigate authentic conversations
Initiate the application from various steps and seamlessly move around with a dynamic experience.
Flexible applicant funding options
Make it easy on the applicant with in-branch funding options of credit/debit card, ACH, or cash/check.

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