Case Study

The key to unlocking SMB growth

Learn how Narmi helped Grasshopper Bank attract, accelerate, and retain small-to-medium-sized business customers.

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What's in the case study

Recognizing a gap in the banking industry’s ability to serve the growing needs of small to medium businesses (SMBs), Grasshopper Bank, a digital financial institution based out of New York City, aims to build a scalable, one-of-a-kind digital banking experience that will win over this underserved market.

You'll learn how Grasshopper Bank:

  • Went live in less than 5 months
  • Created an "Amazon-like" one-stop-shop for digital banking
  • Leveraged user experience to scale into a new market
  • Innovates every 6 weeks
“With needs unmet by the traditional banking system, small businesses are eager to find services and technology that will help them grow…all of this work has been done as a way to expand Grasshopper’s mission of providing a superior digital banking experience for the business and innovation economy. The SMB market has not been given, we don't think, a top class financial services digital experience yet. That's what Grasshopper has set out to do with the help of Narmi.”
Mike Butler
Grasshopper CEO & President