Travillian’s webinar on the evolution of fintech and community banks

A candid conversation between Narmi and Choice Financial Bank
Dec 7, 2021
Laura Caseley
Content Writer

With the rapid acceleration of digital, financial institutions and fintech companies are collaborating like never before to make digital-first services available for everyone. But, knowing which first steps to take into digital is still a daunting task for many leaders. Many are now exploring how they can work together with fintechs to innovate, improve, and impress customers and members.

In this webinar, Narmi co-founder Nikhil Lakhanpal sits down with Choice Financial Bank’s president, CEO, and director, Brian Johnson to discuss how fintech and community financial institutions are evolving together to fully embrace an increasingly digital financial world, and how financial institutions can stay agile and relevant through hiring, structure, and strategy. Moderated by Travillian’s director of banking and fintech, Keith Daly, this candid webinar sees Brian and Nikhil share their own extensive experiences in the finance and fintech spheres. They share what they learned are crucial needs for a successful relationship between institutions and fintechs, how to drive customer satisfaction and inspire loyalty, and how banks and credit unions can take their first steps into digital. 

Brian shares with us how Choice Financial has dedicated itself to digital evolution over the past five years, how they’ve leveraged external help while keeping their legacy teams excited and involved, as well as how to attract younger, digital-savvy talent into the financial field. 

From the fintech side, Nikhil discusses the importance of culture and how it starts at the C-level and radiates throughout the company. Hear how Narmi is cultivating culture both internally and with their customers – especially when it comes to bridging gaps between fintech and traditional financial institutions, and how he and co-founder Chris Griffin took inspiration from product-focused tech companies like Slack and Adobe. 

Watch the full conversation here.

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Travillian’s webinar on the evolution of fintech and community banks