Introducing Our Enhanced Consumer Account Opening Experience

Discover how our updated consumer account opening product unlocks additional convenience and efficiency for both users and staff.
Jun 22, 2023
Molly Riesenberger
Product Marketing Manager

Narmi believes that constant innovation is a critical component to being where banking is going, which is why we’re excited to announce our new and improved account opening platform. With this enhanced experience, we are revolutionizing the way applicants open accounts, making it even more convenient for both applicants and staff. 

Having the most convenient account opening experience possible is more important now than ever before. In the current economic climate of rapid deposit movement, financial institutions with strong digital experiences will win. By capitalizing on a best-in-class digital experience and opening a truly frictionless digital front door, financial institutions will be able to attract and retain shifting deposits.

Tailored Flows for Optimized Account Opening

Our enhanced account opening experience features three custom flows, each designed to maximize conversions and drive deposits at every entry point. 

  1. New Applicant Flow: Our 2-minute and 13-second end-user experience boasts an industry-leading 80% application completion rate. This flow is specifically designed to win over applicants and quickly drive deposits. 
  2. Existing User Flow: Scaling deposits with existing users is made effortless with our enhanced platform. By instantly verifying identities, auto-filling applicant information from the core, and encouraging cross-sell in seconds, we ensure a streamlined and efficient process for loyal customers and members. 
  3. Returning Applicant Flow: We understand the value of applicants who started an application but didn’t finish it. That’s why we developed a flow that converts these users into funded accounts by allowing them to easily edit and submit previously started applications

One of our bank customers who recently received the enhanced account opening platform said, “We’re confident that adding unique flows for existing customers, new customers, and returning applicants as the first step will both increase completion rates and decrease the number of calls we get from confused applicants.” 

An Even More Intuitive Experience 

We know the importance of a strong user experience and transparent process for building trust and confidence with applicants. To enhance our experience, we have introduced functionalities that better help applicants understand their progress in the application and take control of the process. 

Applicants can now visualize the account opening process with a progress bar that guides applicants through each step, ensuring they know exactly where they are. Applicants also now have the ability to go back and edit information from previous steps, ensuring accuracy and completeness. Additionally, a dedicated review screen allows applicants to double-check their application details before finalizing. 

“I love it - it’s clean and makes sense. The progress bar lets applicants know what to expect and what is required. It’s even more intuitive and the review page is an amazing update.” - Narmi Credit Union Customer

Capitalize on the deposit opportunity 

At Narmi, we’re committed to transforming the account opening experience, delivering convenience, efficiency, and security at every step. In this time of fierce deposit competition, lean into a solution that allows your financial institution to open a strong digital front door that prospective customers and members are excited to enter. 

To learn more about our enhanced account opening experience, schedule some time to chat.

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Introducing Our Enhanced Consumer Account Opening Experience