Improving ease-of-use with a new user interface

An easier way to navigate and move money in our digital banking platforms
Nov 26, 2021
Laura Caseley
Content Writer
Audrey Song
Product Specialist

After multiple iterations and steady refinement, we are excited to finally share the first roll out of Narmi’s new user interface. We’ve taken user experience to heart to make digital banking more intuitive, accessible, and convenient. This is just the first step.

With a focus on providing a consistently improving product, Narmi has begun a product redesign project based on the principles of user feedback and creating the best experience possible. In our initial discovery during phase one of this project, we surfaced two major user pain points: the mobile navigation and money transferring experience. We've redesigned these experiences for an easier, less stressful, and more intuitive and accessible experience. These changes come from rigorous user testing to learn what needed improvement and what functionality people really wanted, and how best to give them exactly that by adhering to people-first design strategies.

Thanks to this redesign, people will be able to quickly find what they need and manage their money with better clarity. They’ll be able to see the changes Narmi has made, but because the redesign focuses on accessibility and ease of use, there’s no need to relearn or readapt. 

These changes reflect Narmi’s dedication to not just excellence from a technical or design aspect, but to giving people the best experiences possible – a key factor in building a sense of trust that makes them choose that financial institution as their primary

Accessible, intuitive navigation


Narmi’s user testing showed that there was confusion around the original design’s “hamburger” side navigation menu at the top left corner and the Settings tab at the bottom right, stemming from duplicate information in both menus. Having multiple pathways to desired pages, including account pages, settings, and alerts, proved to be confusing and time-consuming in user testing.

Test users also reported having trouble reading text and icons next to each other, and found it hard to distinguish between active and inactive items because the fonts were too small and too light. This was rectified so that people can easily see what actions are and are not available thanks to increased contrast. 


Navigating Narmi’s mobile experience is now more intuitive thanks to a less cluttered screen and a design inspired by modern mobile apps. People will be able to find what they need without redundant information that can distract and confuse, so they can get straight to what they’re looking for. 

Now, all information is accessed via the “More” tab at the bottom of the screen, cutting out duplicate information and pathways that can waste time and cause stress. Anything users need to access is in one, easy-to-find place. Options within the tab have been thoughtfully categorized in a hierarchy based on what people reported was most important to them. In addition, the overall bottom navigation is larger, clearer, and easier to read. 

Design pro-tip #1:

Reduce cognitive load and confusing redundancy by putting everything in one place.

A smoother way to move money


Along with navigation challenges, users also reported that the mobile Money Movement page was similarly confusing and overwhelming with too much information on one page. This not only led to spending extra time deciphering all the information, but also to more mistakes, such as moving money to and from the wrong accounts, as it was easy to select the wrong option with so many buttons present. The cluttered screen lent a feeling of stress to users, who felt that the elements lacked clarity and breathing room that facilitated a calm and informed decision making process. 


Compared to the old system, which displayed a lot of information in one place, the new money movement flow offers three distinct transfer options displayed in line, with nothing else on the page. This decluttered approach prompts members and customers to select how they want to send money with buttons that are more instinctual to navigate than the previous tab system. Each button launches a clean, uncluttered flow with the end goal clearly mapped out with no distractions.

Narmi’s Money Movement functionality is now faster, smoother, and safer than ever. The interface has been simplified for maximal ease-of-use, and custom flows have been built for each transfer experience.

We've also included one additional step: a review page detailing the money movement so they can look over the transaction one more time before committing to it. This makes the experience safer, as users will have a chance to catch any possible mistakes and help give more peace-of-mind. 

With this new money movement experience, it’s also easier to link new accounts and add new payees without exiting the flow. Instead of having to go back through their account settings page, account holders can now simply add a new payee through a followup question on the transfer page.

Design pro-tip #2:

Declutter the page with a flow that puts the end user’s goal in mind.

A cleaner, calmer design; the same reliable content

Even though the mobile experience looks different, Narmi’s core content is remaining the same: safe, reliable, and dependable. All functionality will stay the same, but with minor reorganization for an even smoother, more intuitive and accessible experience for customers and end-users. 

Some changes might seem simply cosmetic, but subtle tweaks to fonts, colors, and spacing make for an overall experience that’s easier on the eyes and more natural to navigate and understand. 

And because of the decluttered layout overall, the experience feels calmer and more modern, and less like a stress-inducing official form. There’s even a new personal touch, with a greeting that displays the customer’s name. 

Narmi knows that any change to any platform, especially one as crucial as finance, can be a stressful time for financial institutions and end-users alike. That’s why the changes to the mobile product have been made with great care and consideration for everyone’s needs, and have been designed to make mobile banking as easy as possible. And as needs and tech continue to evolve, you can expect future updates for a continually excellent user experience.

Design pro-tip #3:

Redesigns should never be disruptive, but rather a relief from current UX issues.

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Improving ease-of-use with a new user interface