Generating your JSON key for mobile apps

A guide to generating JSON keys for deploying your Narmi mobile apps on the Google Play Store.
Dec 17, 2021
Narmi Staff Contributor

Generating a JSON key will allow Narmi to build your mobile app, as well as deploy it in the Google Play Store. Below is a step-by-step guide to getting set up in Google Play, generating your JSON key, and granting Narmi access so that we can work together.

Beginning in August 2021, the ability for apps to be automatically deployed to the Google Play Store once resubmission is triggered became available. To achieve this, the owner of the Google Play Console account where the app is created must generate a JSON key. After following the steps to creating the key, they can then copy values from the JSON file and paste it into the Android Store metadata of the app. 

Automatic deployment doesn’t mean an app will be automatically resubmitted for review in Google Play Store, but it does shorten the resubmission time considerably. That means your customers will have access to updated apps much sooner, which means people will be getting the best possible version of your app at the earliest possible point. 

How to generate a JSON key to deploy on the Google Play Store

There are four main steps for generating your JSON key:

  1. Creating a service account
  2. Generating the key
  3. Granting access to the key
  4. Adding service account as release manager

Create a service account

1. Log in to

2. Go to Setup —– API access

3. On the left menu expand Setup  and choose API access.

4. Click Create a service account.

5.  On displayed dialog click Google Cloud Platform

6. After redirecting to Google Cloud Platform, we create the Service account, using Create Service Account.

7. Enter Service account name, for example, google_play_publish_worker, Service Account ID generates automatically, and Service Account Description is optional, so we can keep it empty and hit Create.

8. Choose role Service Account User in Service Accounts category and continue using Continue button.


9. Click Done

Generate the key

1.   Click Actions

2. Click Manage Keys

3. Click Create New Key.


2. Choose JSON and click Create.

3. It starts downloading the .json file, which is our key we later upload on our CI server. So save it somewhere safe.

Grant access to our key

1. Return to the previous tab where is Google play console and close the dialog using Done.

 2. The page automatically refreshes, and at the bottom, we should see our new Service account. Click Grant Access to choose permissions.

4. Add service account as release manager

3. Add admin privileges to the account and click Invite User.  

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Generating your JSON key for mobile apps