A conversation with Beth Johnson, CXO of Citizens Financial Group

A chat with Beth Johnson on the importance of customer experience in the future of banking.
Nov 2, 2021
Laura Caseley
Content Writer

As part of Boston FinTech Week 2021, Narmi co-founder Nikhil Lakhanpal sat down for a virtual conversation with Beth Johnson, Chief Experience Officer of Citizens Financial Group. As her title suggests, she handles the ins and outs of customer banking experiences for Citizens across the Americas. 

Both Narmi and Citizens Financial believe that customer experience is the true determiner of any company’s success, and have placed that experience at the forefront of their strategies. “Every company should have an eye towards experience,” Beth shared. Both she and Nikhil go on to detail how they developed user experience and design labs to amass feedback from real customers and gain valuable perspectives on what people really want from digital banking. 

Nikhil and Beth discuss the importance of financial institutions prioritizing customer experience across all channels, with mobile and digital first, but not forgetting about in-person experiences, as well. They’ll also cover overall innovation strategies, balancing innovation with regulation and branding identity, as well as the small- and medium business market and the buy now/pay later space. 

Watch the full conversation with Beth Johnson and Nikhil Lakhanpal.

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A conversation with Beth Johnson, CXO of Citizens Financial Group