Building Community Through Our Annual Onsite

Narmi hosted its third annual employee onsite at NYC headquarters.
Jul 14, 2023
Erin Mincer
Sr. Content Marketer

This June, we held our third annual company onsite in New York City. Employees from all across the U.S. flew to Narmi HQ for four days of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and team building. We experienced presentations from department heads about the key roles their groups play in the customer journey, partook in team building activities, and heard from our partners about what we do well (as well as areas for additional optimizations).

Want to discover more about our 2023 Narmi Onsite? Check out the three biggest takeaways.

Interacting in real life matters 

While Narmi is undoubtedly a well-connected company, getting to know coworkers - especially those on different teams or in different cities – on a more personal level creates a sense of camaraderie that can sometimes be lost when communicating behind screens. 

“In-person company events play a crucial role in fostering a strong company culture,” highlighted Alexandra Bishop, Narmi People Operations Coordinator. “They provide a unique opportunity for individuals from different departments at Narmi to interact and connect on a personal level outside of the typical work environment. Face-to-face interactions allow for a deeper understanding of colleagues' interests and strengths, which helps build trust and collaboration within the company.” 

In-person events also lead to easier networking opportunities. Building conscience can often be done in a quicker and more organic manner when all relevant parties are present. For example, one of our sessions was specifically devoted to department working sessions which focused on ensuring the ideas and suggestions from all team members were heard. 

“The Narmi Onsite promotes a sense of belonging, enhances morale, and contributes to an inclusive and thriving company culture.” – Alexandra Bishop, Narmi People Operations Coordinator 

Collaboration is key 

Given the theme of this year’s onsite was collaboration, this topic was a key component of all our presentations, conversations, and activities throughout the event. 

Whether it was discussing new ways to improve our operating model, working together to ensure cohesive presentations, or teaming up cross-functionally to cook a five-star meal, the importance of collaboration remained paramount. This focus on collaboration also further fueled our culture of appreciation. 

Here at Narmi, we believe we truly have some of the best and brightest in the industry. By making collaboration a key focus, this allowed all employees to build off each other and further understand the important role each person plays in our continued success. 

"Collaboration brings us together, reminding us that every person plays a vital role in Narmi's success,” said Alana Lim, Narmi People Operations Manager. “We are stronger as a group when we respect and understand each other.” 

Customers are at the center of everything we do 

One of the keynote sessions showcased how each department at Narmi impacts the customer journey. Whether it was via traditional slides, or even a few songs, team leaders from across the company leveraged this opportunity to showcase what their teams are working on, how customers interact with us, and why these deliverables matter. 

“When we have opportunities to come together, it ignites our passion for the product and the positive differences we make for our customers and their communities.” – Alana Lim, Narmi People Operations Manager

As part of our learning sessions, we were fortunate enough to be joined by two of our customers, Mark Rieger from First Federal Bank of Kansas City and Tim Dunham from Credit Union of America. 

During their candid conversation they spotlighted areas where we excelled, as well as offered guidance on opportunities for improvement. The takeaway here was clear; just as we want all of our customers to succeed and grow, they want the same for us as well. 

Congratulations to the entire team on a successful 2023 Onsite! 

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Building Community Through Our Annual Onsite