10 Ways to Transform Your Member Experience With Narmi and Corelation

May 2, 2024
Nikhil Lakhanpal
Co-Founder, Narmi

In today’s competitive banking environment, credit unions need to deliver the digital banking capabilities their members want without lengthy implementation timelines and complex backend processes. Digital banking partners that leverage the power of open platforms are crucial in this endeavor, particularly the ones that integrate seamlessly into a credit union’s existing core processing solution. 

Perhaps nothing exemplifies the power of this integration better than Narmi’s partnership with Corelation, one of the world's most progressive and open core systems used by hundreds of credit unions. Using Narmi’s integration with Corelation’s KeyStone core system via the KeyBridge API, credit unions can unlock powerful digital banking and account opening capabilities that benefit both their members and staff.

Narmi’s digital banking platform is already certified with Corelation and certification for digital account opening platform will be completed shortly. 

Below are ten ways credit unions and their members benefit from Narmi’s integration with the Corelation KeyStone core: 

1) Empower members to freeze or unfreeze their debits cards directly within Keystone

As card fraud remains prevalent, the ability to instantly turn cards on or off is the most important mobile banking feature for members, according to a 2023 survey of banking customers by Cornerstone Advisors. With Narmi, credit unions can allow members to seamlessly toggle on/off their debit cards, and configure the reason code directly within Keystone.

Narmi web function for customer to lock their debit card
Narmi web function for customer to lock their debit card

2) “Real-time posting” for Remote Deposit Capture and External ACH

Narmi natively offers remote deposit capture (RDC) and ACH capabilities within the platform, and with KeyBridge those transactions are immediately visible in Corelation’s core banking system.

Credit unions can configure custom holding policies and review or reverse any pending RDC or ACH transfers as necessary within the platform. However, members can see the funds from their remote deposit or transfer immediately posted to their account, giving them a more comprehensive view of their account balance while they wait for the deposit to clear.

3) Integration with KeyInsight for in-branch cross-marketing

Through Narmi’s integration with Corelation’s CRM, KeyInsight, credit unions can extend the in-branch experience to the digital realm. KeyInsight allows credit unions to present dynamic and pre-defined offers to members based on their prior branch interaction records. 

4) Help credit unions track eligibility codes

Throughout Narmi’s digital account opening process, credit unions can track and configure eligible requirements for new members. This eligibility will be written directly into the credit union’s core banking system, giving them full control and visibility over membership access. 

Narmi web function for Greater Alliance Credit Union member to select their Employer Affiliation
Narmi web function for Greater Alliance Credit Union member to select their Employer Affiliation

5) Integration with KeyInsight for follow-up email marketing

Credit unions that leverage Narmi Functions to connect their account opening and digital banking platforms can use KeyInsight to trigger custom workflows and automations based on member actions. For example, as a member progresses through different stages of the account opening process, Narmi Functions can record their progress to KeyInsight, and dynamically deliver follow-up completion reminder emails to increase conversion.

6) Leverage Keystone as the source of record for all future-dated and recurring internal transfers

In the Narmi mobile and online banking platform, members can set up future-dated and recurring bank transfers. This data writes directly into the Keystone core banking system, giving staff members full insight into each member’s financial activity.

7) Faster account opening for existing members within Keystone

When an existing member wants to open a new account at a credit union, Narmi will request the member’s account number, social security number, and date of birth. If this information already exists within Keystone, Narmi will immediately identify the member and allow them to open subsequent accounts, providing for a more seamless account opening experience. 

Further, a credit union can control the total number of account types a member is allowed to open.

8) Integrated real-time alerts

Narmi’s integration with Keystone’s real-time alerts allows members to set up instant notifications for any deposit or withdrawal activity as well as alerts for overdraft fees, returned item fees, overdraft transfer fees and protection, overdue loan payments, and loan payment posting. These notifications are delivered within one minute of the event posting to the core system through any of the channels that Narmi supports, including email, SMS, or push notifications.

9) Automated stop payments

If a member sets up a stop payment in the online or mobile banking platform, Narmi will automatically write this to the Corelation Keystone core banking system. 

10) Custom API integrations

Lastly, Narmi and Corelation share the same philosophy around “openness” allowing for greater functionality and customization for our credit union members. Below are just a few integrations we’ve developed for Corelation clients:

  1. QCash - QCash allows members to quickly apply for a loan in the event of an emergency like a roadside car breakdown or an emergency vet bill.
  2. Corporate America - This integration connects to Corp. America image store to display check images that a user has written from their account in their online and mobile banking platform.
  3. MAP - A Corelation partner and CUSO that manages card controls as well as card ordering/distribution.

With Narmi and Corelation, credit unions get the best of both worlds: a powerful core banking system and seamless access to the digital banking features today’s members demand. We’re excited to continue expanding this partnership and giving credit unions the tools they need to thrive in a competitive banking environment.  

Want to see Narmi’s partnership with Corelation in action? Request a demo to schedule a walkthrough of the Narmi platform and to learn how Narmi can help you grow digitally.

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10 Ways to Transform Your Member Experience With Narmi and Corelation