The FedNow Service & Narmi: The future of payments

Be on the cutting edge of instant payments and launch The FedNow Service on Narmi’s digital banking platform.
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FedNow & Narmi - The Future of Payments

With Narmi, you can expect

Insight into the Fed's plans

Narmi will be a full service provider for FedNow, connecting directly to the Fed and processing the transactions without another payment processing provider involved. Narmi is also an official onboarding representative of The FedNow Service, which means we are in lock step with the Fed’s rollout plans

Top Tier Fraud Prevention

With faster payments, comes faster fraud. With Narmi, you can expect to catch fraud early, as Narmi is able to leverage our platform’s data pertaining to user actions to identify and mitigate obvious scenarios of fraud.

Seamless UI/UX

Just like any other payment option, you want your users to experience FedNow as natively as possible. Narmi’s Open API framework allows you to seamlessly integrate FedNow with the rest of Narmi's digital banking experience, making it blend seamlessly with your branding, style, and UX flow financial institution.

Learn more how your financial institution can prepare for The FedNow Service

We hosted a customer webinar on everything financial institution's should know about the upcoming FedNow Service launch and how your financial institution can prepare throughout the rest of this year. Missed it? Not to worry, login to your customer portal here and watch to get all of the details on demand.

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Your FedNow Resource Hub

We know there’s a lot to digest when it comes to The FedNow Service. That’s why we’ve centralized all of the resources you might want to reference as you begin to plan for your financial institution’s FedNow launch.

FedNow Frequently Asked Questions

The FedNow Service Latest News

The FedNow Service's announcement that it has now surpassed 500 participants marks another milestone in the adoption of real-time payments. At the same time, the partnership extension between Mastercard and The Clearing House aims to advance B2B transactions globally. Credit unions and banks are initially adopting Receive-Only mode, yet, as Cornerstone's "What’s Going On In Banking 2024" suggests, tailoring solutions to market niches could be key for revenue from real-time payments. Furthermore, the integration of APIs to ensure interoperability between systems like RTP and FedNow highlights a crucial step towards achieving seamless and efficient real-time transactions industry-wide. As Cory Barnes from Form3 points out, “The expectation with instant payments is that they are frictionless. It’s all about the end user.”

The FedNow Service Prepardness and Launch Timeline

If you haven’t been thinking about The FedNow Service yet, don’t worry. There’s still time to set your internal priorities and connect with your Narmi team to discuss how you want to rollout FedNow to your users. Reference the timeline below to see what actions you can take today to prepare.

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The FedNow Service Onboarding Representative disclaimer

Narmi is a participant in The FedNow Service Onboarding Facilitation Program run by the Federal Reserve Banks. As a FedNow Service Onboarding Representative, Narmi may receive compensation from the Federal Reserve Banks if a financial institution participates in The FedNow Service via Narmi.
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