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Provide High Quality Service Digitally

Provide First-Class Digital Support

Narmi's support application centralizes all of your digital support touchpoints. Respond to secure messages and emails all within the same interface.

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Feature Spotlight: Quick Replies

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Supercharge your staff by giving them the ability to quickly respond to common inquiries while still providing their own personal touch.

Reduce Support Friction

Narmi's customer relationship management (CRM) functionality allows staff to seamlessly serve your users. The next time a user calls, chats, or emails, staff members will know exactly what issues the user has experienced in the past.

Prevent Duplicated Work

A shared support email inbox can be hard to manage. Often times, support staff will spend valuable time working on the same issue. Or even worse, they will provide conflicting information. Narmi's support application eliminates these problems.

And so much more...