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Deepen Banking Relationships By Embracing Open Banking

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Create A Powerful Banking Ecosystem

Narmi works with financial institutions to present end-user data in a secure and developer-friendly format

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Present End-User Data In A Secure And Developer-Friendly Manner

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Benefits to Financial Institutions & Developers

Benefits to Financial Institution
Create a stronger banking ecosystem by providing an API to deepen banking relationships and expand the reach of your institution's platform
Increase your value proposition to users - prove to them you are putting their financial well-being first
Future-proof your institution – user-empowered banking is the future (the European Union has mandated this through PSD2)
Increase user satisfaction, reduce churn and enhance brand awareness
Market yourself as a forward-thinking institution – hold hackathons to attract younger members and create the next great fintech application
Customized developer landing page for your financial institution
Benefits to Developers
Access reliable and real-time data. Data integrity is a huge problem in the financial services industry. No more screen-scraping. Leverage Narmi’s beautiful REST API to access banking data and feel good about it.
Expanded scope of data. Narmi's deep integrations allow for a greater set of data fields such as loan payoff date, geo-location and bill pay information.
Access powerful data. Banking data is the most powerful data in the world. Leverage this to better people's lives.