Mobile Banking

Seamless & Full Service Banking via Mobile

A Beautifully Designed App

Design is a competitive advantage. Narmi's design is constantly updated to maintain a modern and freshly designed application.

Happier & More Profitable Users

Users will love your mobile app. They'll spend 4.66x more time on your application than the industry average. Higher engagement results in happier and more profitable users.

Mobile Dashboard Screenshot
Mobile Touch ID Screenshot

Touch ID & Fingerprint Support

Allow users to quickly access your mobile application with the touch of a finger.

Face ID Support

Leverage Apple's newest biometric authentication, Face ID, on the iPhone X.

Enriched Transaction View

Provide users more context about transactions with cleaned transaction descriptions, categories & more.


Let users view exactly where their transactions took place with Google or Apple Maps.

Mobile Transaction Screenshot

Let Your Users Deposit a Check Anywhere & Anytime with Auto Capture

Narmi leverages the industry's leading MiSnap Remote Deposit Capture solution allowing your application to automatically capture a perfect image of a check.

Mobile Remote Deposit Capture Screenshot
Sample Check

And that's just the start...