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Keep the Teller, Fire the ATM!

A new bogeyman is again threatening banking employee jobs: the mobile banking app. Similar to previous rounds of automation, banking apps will make human bankers even more integral to the bank experience - what will be less necessary are those machines for physical cash. So fire the ATMs and hire more bank staff!

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Venmo & Zelle – What’s the Difference?

Third-party person to person (P2P) applications have become popular with millions of users, especially those in the younger demographic. Cash and checks are essentially non-existent, and users prefer a digital-first method to make payments. Two methods in particular - Venmo and Zelle - stand out.

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Why Two-Factor Authentication is a Must Have

In 2016, the most common password was 123456. Passwords alone are not powerful security barriers to protect your back office systems or the applications your end-users utilize. Two-Factor Authentication is a simple and necessary security measure that greatly enhances the security of your financial institution.

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How Financial Institutions Can Prevent Elder Financial Exploitation

Community banks and credit unions typically have an older clientele, but few have systematic approaches to detect and prevent financial exploitation of older clients who may be especially vulnerable due to physical or mental decline. In this insight piece, we outline 5 recommendations that banks and credit unions should consider in order to protect their members and stay in compliance with state and federal laws.

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