Our Story

Narmi was co-founded by Nikhil Lakhanpal and Chris Griffin, the former CEO and CTO of the nation’s largest student-run financial institution (the Georgetown University Credit Union). While serving in these roles, they became aware of the sub-par digital banking offerings utilized by the majority of regional and community financial institutions. As financial institution leaders, they lacked the appropriate technology partner that could help them retain and engage their customer base. This experience led to the founding of Narmi with one simple mission: offer financial institutions the best digital banking platform.

Over 10 years later, the problems Narmi was built to address are more prevalent than ever. Narmi has built its platform entirely from the ground up in the financial technology capital of the world – New York City – and employs some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Product Pillars


Build an Open Digital Banking Platform

Every financial institution has a diverse and unique set of users, needs and desires. Narmi must provide an open platform and framework to allow our customers to protect their individual brands and innovate quickly.

An open platform also attracts a community of partners, FinTech companies and vendors that allow Narmi customers to customize the Narmi Platform to best fit their needs. This ecosystem allows our customers to go to market with new functionality faster and empowers us to continue to advance the overall Narmi platform in a scalable and efficient manner.


Be Dependable

A banking platform that is not dependable has very severe, real-world consequences. Rent payments could be missed, trust could be eroded, and money could be lost. Further, users expect a secure system that “just works” all the time, every time. This applies even when ancillary systems (such as core banking systems) are down.

Narmi’s features and functionality must be dependable to give both our financial institutions and their end-users confidence that platforms work 365/24/7.


Focus on the Financial Story

Enabling everyday banking transactions like transfers and payments is expected. Helping users better understand their financial story is unexpected. Narmi believes more informed users live healthier financial lives and also have a more positive connection with their financial institution.

At the same time, financial institutions are better able to understand and serve their users if presented with timely information in an easily accessible and readable format.

Interested in joining our team?

Narmi helps individuals further their careers, develop as human beings, and make an impact on an amazing customer base. We are always looking for hard-working and intelligent people to join our team.

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